FREE EVENT on 11/30 at Irvine's City Hall:  

The City of Carlsbad adopts organic pesticide policy!


Non Toxic IrvineTM and our advisors have no affiliation with Moms Across America.  Non Toxic Irvine wishes them the best in their endeavours.

Including their City maintained Golf Coarse!!!

​​Jane Goodall's Quote In Support of Non Toxic Irvine 

Thank you, IUSD for making our children's health your priority! 

Councilwoman Christina Shea, Councilwoman Melissa Fox, Irvine Public Work's Scott Smith, and IUSD were presented awards from Beyond Pesticides and Pepperdine University for their leadership and health protective actions they made to protect our children and the environment. Thanks to their success other cities and school districts are taking the actions needed to emulate Irvine's.